Happy New Year! 😊 To start the year I would like to Thank You and God for all of my blessings!

With the last few months, being a culinary experience, a nice way of saying "over- consumption," we need to start thinking about spring cleaning our digestive track.

NOW Offering Stomach Massage:

This is a great way to promote healthy movement in the digestive track. Also, relieving foreword pressing tension in the fascia, aka connective tissue. Best of all, it helps promote weight loss too!

So if this is your first stomach massage, or you just need a reminder, let’s review what to expect:

First of all, it does not hurt and clients are NEVER exposed. 

Proper draping is as follow: A small/medium towel is placed over the sheet, above breast tissue. Towel is held in place, while sheet is moved down, keeping breast covered. As the sheet moves down, it now exposes the abdominal area down one inch passed the navel. Now we tuck, both sheet and towel, on right and left side of the client, firmly in place.
The massage itself starts with light effleurage strokes on the ascending and descending colon and includes small intestines and diaphragm. Compression can be done on these areas and extend down to hip flexor. Periodically checking in on clients comfort and pressure. After complete, we re-drape the abdominal and breast area, and remove the towel.

All these techniques can be included in any of our signature massage. Please let me know during intake if this is something that you would like to try, so that I may adjust my timing. 

Published by Raza

I am a licensed massage therapist since 2006 in the greater Phoenix area.

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